Digressions is my first collection on songs. Its only objective is to digress about my past to understand who I am right now. This without taking in consideration the opening song which, in a way, should be the last one. Recorded in 2003-2005


2 thoughts on “Digressions

  1. Layner Twilight on said:

    first of all I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful musical work and say you have great talent and sensitivity that you print on the music is something that makes us reflect on some concepts, once again congratulations for the wonderful work. I am also an independent musician, but I do not have many resources to make a record as good as your sound, I ask you to enter my site and listen to my recordings and give me your opinion on what you think about my music. I’m from Brazil, if somehow I can join some of your work, whether writing or singing a solo, I would be grateful. Greetings!

    • oniricadmin on said:

      Dear Layner

      First of all thank you for your compliments! I like your concepts as well! I are a good guitarist: all you need is a good support on the other instruments (drums are way too midi and there is no bass). I’d be happy to help!
      If you want to, you can send me wave files of your guitar tracks and the MIDI tracks for the drums and I’ll provide the other instruments support ^__^
      Best regards


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