I’ve created a first version of this video some years ago. I decided to revisit it, adding some colors and special effects. Hope you enjoy it! leave a comment below, plz!
posted on 02-09-2014
I've been working in my spare time on this video. I had a lot of fun with it
posted on 14-08-2014
Here's an unofficial videoclip done for the new song...
posted on 16-07-2014
I changed “Mr. Sad Man – orchestral version” a tiny bit in the middle part of the song. I got some feedback from friends over AAMPP And I thought it might help doing some touch-up. So I took away a …
posted on 10-07-2014
Here is a shorter version of Dream Master
posted on 06-06-2014
Here's the complete album for you to listen to. For any info about the concept and making of, email me at
posted on 06-05-2014
This is an acoustic cover of the original song “Dream master” from the album “Control” Listen to the original @ this link Listen to the whole album @ http://www.oniric.i...
posted on 24-10-2013
So I decided to record yet another videoclip. This time for “When I open up my mind”. Nothing too fancy: just having fun ;)
posted on 01-04-2012
This is my first attempt to create a videoclip for a song of mine. Hope you enjoy it.
posted on 02-02-2011