Really a great time with Alessandro Colombo, Saverio Gaglianese, Salvatore Spatafora "Spitfire" and Samuele Orlando.
posted on 11-08-2014
Here's some posters I'm making out of the pics from my lives!
posted on 15-01-2014
I've been wanting to post some photos of this event...
posted on 10-11-2013
What a trip! I sang for, like, two hour and a half! It was definitely worth it. I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who planned the event and the ones who actually made it happen! There are …
posted on 06-11-2013
Some photos of me
posted on 30-01-2013
This wednesday I performed with Soundrise at the Welcome Day event at Triest’s University. Nice to see all these people, although it is getting colder out there! I think the band performed really well and it’s the first time I …
posted on 27-10-2012
Last thursday I performed with Soundrise at Makaki (Trieste). A real treat! Most of our friends were there: the bar was really packed! But I have to be more careful with my stuff and always make sure I am the …
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Yesterday i sang with Soundrise at Lignano. Nice gig! Short, but nice. We’ll be back next Saturday in Trieste, P.zza della Borsa. Stay tuned!
posted on 25-08-2012