This is my favourite band! Well I *might* be biased…
posted on 11-02-2012
Hi-quality metal!
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Rock & roll in Boston!
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Real rock in Triest!
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I rock on this radio!
posted on 21-03-2012
I rock on this radio!
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I’m honored to have my music on this radio!
posted on 31-07-2012
These guys are just so nice! They’ve interviewed me and Dario on behalf of Soundrise and we just had the best time! I love you guys!
posted on 24-10-2012
OMG yesterday I was watching a Stefano’s video on Myspace and I realized…I should update my stuff!!! Myspace has improved a lot! So I uploaded some of my songs. Here we go!
posted on 30-10-2012
Go here to talk entirely about prog!
posted on 09-12-2012
The music platform! These guys are serious about quality. No MP3s here: just WAVs. That’s the way it’s done! visit the site (link to oniric project)
posted on 31-01-2013
Originale, misterioso, brillante. Appena entrato nella nostra programmazione, ha ricevuto subito il meritato successo di ascolti. Tutti i giorni nelle playlist, da sabato 23 febbraio anche nelle nostre trasmissioni.
posted on 16-02-2013
Oniric is now a featured artist on this web radio. I think these guys are cool! They got a slick site, check! They look like they’re having lots of fun, check! they like super-cool music, double-check! ^___^
posted on 19-02-2013
Relics Controsuoni is an awesome online magazine! Do check it our!
posted on 04-07-2013
These works have an interest beyond color theory, optics and their tender, crusty surfaces: they convey intense emotion.
posted on 15-06-2014
Music reviews on Youtube!
posted on 17-06-2015