Soundrise on tour today until 9th
posted on 04-07-2013
The people who wrote Google's search engine really had something different in mind
posted on 14-05-2013
I think it must have been 5 years I’ve been wanting a couple of monitors to make music.   Before today my life as a musician was hard! I had to listen to my music with the iPod’s in-ear phone, …
posted on 11-02-2013
I’m very happy about my latest accomplishments. To be on such a large platform like Jamendo and among the most suggested artists is very nice! It’s a good feeling to know there are people appreciating your work and the fact …
posted on 06-02-2013
That's Stefano: Soundrise's keyboardist! I'd say he's at his best! ;D
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What do you do when you’re out of ideas but you still got some oranges? There is no limit to human stupidity! But I appreciate this kind of stupidity XD
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It happens once in a great while…But when it happens…IT’S FRIGHTENING!!!!
posted on 12-11-2012
I’ve been recording more and more songs lately. And I think I’m getting better at it. I never was a pro and I think I’ll never be. I leave that burden to the famous artists ;) Cubase is a very …
posted on 07-11-2012
Waine’s world! waine’s world! Party on! Excellent! Carol and I just watched it yesterday. Man did I miss some good ol’ fun! Made me want to go out and rock some more! The guys are just hilarious! Now I wanna …
posted on 29-10-2012
These guys are just so nice! They’ve interviewed me and Dario on behalf of Soundrise and we just had the best time! I love you guys!
posted on 24-10-2012
Here’s a new skin for my site! Also: I’ve decided to stop with the on-site dual language. We’ll see about translating via DataBase :) Ah note: I have to yet test it on a smart phone! :P
posted on 07-10-2012
Worked very hard on all the new features, but finally it is done! (yeah right ;D)
posted on 04-09-2012