"The mutation" is inspired by lots of cyberpunk stories I've see in the course of the passing years...
posted on 28-06-2014
The podcast features one of my songs from the album Raw: "Ain't no one".
posted on 15-06-2014
These works have an interest beyond color theory, optics and their tender, crusty surfaces: they convey intense emotion.
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I started appreciating Soundcloud more and more, recently.
posted on 08-06-2014
Here is a shorter version of Dream Master
posted on 06-06-2014
...this is really how this song is meant to be. | ...ecco come questa canzone avrebbe realmente dovuto essere.
posted on 03-06-2014
I finally found a new studio where I can record my music! It was about time.
posted on 21-05-2014
So I'm writing on this orchestral version of Mr. Sad man.
posted on 17-05-2014
I'm back in AAMPP :)
posted on 05-03-2014
You want something done? Do it yourself! Wanna engage in a musical conversation? Go at the bar with your friends.
posted on 26-02-2014
I understand that today's world is made for kiss-asses and pop-stars. Hell we get them from those idiotic shows on TV. But I was truly hoping at least an online social network for artists would contain people with higher standards.
posted on 18-01-2014
Yup! Sometimes HTML and Jquery can be lots of fun. But it takes effort to put bits and pieces you find around the web! So I was wondering if I could make my logo (the speaker) beat with my songs …
posted on 17-11-2013