music_videosOniric: homemade music since 2004

Oniric is a prog-rock solo project that started in 2004 by Soundrise’s lead vocalist and poly-instrumentalist Walter Bosello. The project’s sound ranges from a variety music genres like progressive rock, metal, industrial, and funk.

a bit about me

I was always interested in music. It was and always will be my companion..that and art in general.Ever since I was a child I’ve been fiddling with instruments and had a talent for music. You’d say I have a good ear.But I’ve always been torn between music and painting (or figurative art in general). With the passing of the years I drifted away from Conservatory, where I was studying Viola to focus more on high school and then went to America to study Fine Arts @ Montserrat College of Art.It was an incredible time for me over there. I’ve opened up my eyes to wonders I couldn’t imagine before. And this also influenced me towards music. I didn’t have much time to play and was very shy because of my English. It was only when I came back in Italy that I struggled to take home recording to the next level. Before this time (2001) home recording, to me, was recording over tapes…which plain sucks. Oh man…if I think about the hours spent over that damn Hi-fi..

Between 2001 and 2004

I started composing some music. That’s also when I met a wonderful person: Carol. She is experienced in home recording and also an exceptional composer. I learned so much from her!


I produced my first album: Digressions. It was a great start for me at the time. First of all the sound of saying “my first album” was music already ;)But when I hear it today…heh…shivers! How could I not feel ashamed at the poor sound! The use of ready made loops..an old Zoom effect from the 80’s! Wow…let’s drop it right here! XD


With the passing of the years I worked on multiple songs trying to reach a better sound quality. I also changed software and (fortunately) hardware. Finally “Time is mine” came out. A transitional album, time is mine started shaping more and more the kind of music I do, shifting towards a more “industrial-metal” kind of sound.


Driven by the new sound I worked very fast on “Control”, a 19 song release that has some very good stuff in it…and some very bad stuff as well. It’s important to realize also the faults of one’s work! Although some songs shaped very much my kind of music, I must say it was a bit of a flop. I know I like it very much but it’s not quite there.


Antigravity. This album is different in that it has some mainstream sounds embedded. I usually despise mainstream since I tend to be very progressive and I like to this innovative too. But you can’t beat…a beat (‘scuse me) that caches and goes straight to the heart.This album is also more “industrial” (I hope Trent won’t be too pissed at me :P). I like to play with Nine Inch Nails sounds and throw in some metal grooves just to see what happens.


A great struggle for sound quality and to get to a broader audience lead to Raw, the most acclaimed album so far. I also decided to do some graphics for this one and even produced it physically.


Hard work on The Gaia and Polished album. The Gaia album regards a conflict between man and nature. This is set in a parallel reality where Nature actually has a voice and man is not after all the non-disputed ruler over Earth. The Polished album dealt with my own internal conflicts and getting in my mid-30’s, which was tougher than I expected. The album is full of twists and dark sides, but overall also full of energy.


While Polished and Gaia took also most part of 2013 to be completed, in the meanwhile lots of little side-projects started. I started recording more home videos for my vlog and some simple videos for my songs, so I could post them on youtube. Also I started working on the re-release of the album Digressions, completely re-performed. Finally, I’m planning a 10th anniversary album that will include several performances by close friends who have been close to me in these past 10 year and whom I admire very much!


After trying for a full year to put a band together I gave up, due to the impossibility to find a keyboard player. The band just couldn’t work without one so we just gave up. I dove intro the composition of the album Migration which I completed on April 24th. This 8th album marks the end of this project, at least for the time being, since I’ve discovered the public is more invested in the covers that I produce. It started as joke but it’s really working out and since Migration didn’t really get any attention (as Gaia didn’t either), I’ve decided to take a break from songwriting. So: hiatus? Hiatus :D

yours truly
Walter Bosello