Diciamo che, sostanzialmente, la qualità delle release con questo monicker resta assolutamente ineccepibile, costituendo quasi un unicum all'interno del panorama italico.
posted on 19-10-2016
Migration will be playing live on Surrey Hills radio for the rest of the week!
posted on 26-05-2016
"Walter Bosello é cantor, compositor e poli-instrumentista italiano que desde 2004 mistura prog, hard rock, funk, industrial"
posted on 24-05-2016
guys I got interviewed at RAI. Humongus thanks to Piero Pieri who got interested in my work and so kind to give me this opportunity to make myself heard. Thank you Piero! Also: awesome choice of songs! I gave him …
posted on 21-10-2015
What’s up guys This is to let you know I was interviewed by Piero PIeri from RAI yesterday! He’s really an awesome guy :) HERE the page with the info. If you click on the link you get to the …
posted on 14-10-2015
News from oniric studios!
posted on 16-07-2015
Back to prog roots, I'm taking a trip with this one.
posted on 08-02-2015
This song brings to attention concepts such as isolation, despair, lost friendships and communication issues...but it's also about a quest.
posted on 07-02-2015
"Polished" è un piccolo gioiello che Walter firma in ogni suo aspetto, dai testi agli arrangiamenti strumentali, per un risultato mai ripetitivo e banale.
posted on 13-11-2014
Thank you guys for helping keep this project alive and kicking ^_^
posted on 01-10-2014