News from oniric studios!
posted on 16-07-2015
Cercasi tastierista! Keyboardist needed!
posted on 28-04-2015
Back to prog roots, I'm taking a trip with this one.
posted on 08-02-2015
This song brings to attention concepts such as isolation, despair, lost friendships and communication issues...but it's also about a quest.
posted on 07-02-2015
"Polished" è un piccolo gioiello che Walter firma in ogni suo aspetto, dai testi agli arrangiamenti strumentali, per un risultato mai ripetitivo e banale.
posted on 13-11-2014
Thank you guys for helping keep this project alive and kicking ^_^
posted on 01-10-2014
I’ve created a first version of this video some years ago. I decided to revisit it, adding some colors and special effects. Hope you enjoy it! leave a comment below, plz! — Ho creato una prima versione di questo video …
posted on 02-09-2014
I've been working in my spare time on this video. I had a lot of fun with it
posted on 14-08-2014
Really a great time with Alessandro Colombo, Saverio Gaglianese, Salvatore Spatafora "Spitfire" and Samuele Orlando.
posted on 11-08-2014
Here's an unofficial videoclip done for the new song...
posted on 16-07-2014